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Everyday Living Tips

Turn off the switches when electricity is not in use

Don't leave any plugs in the Sockets

Avoid the use of Plastic bags

Use recyclable bags for shopping on a daily basis

Daily change the dustbin bags to avoid breeding of flies and mosquitoes

Do not clog the wash basin with unnecessary products

Ensure a clean passage for all water holes

Have plants outside your house, eg: Balcony or at the door

Close all water taps properly to avoid wasteage of water

Ensure to have Aqua Guard type products, for safe drinking water

Inter com facility for Security reasons

Make online payments to avoid traffic and wastage of time

Fix any leaky faucets, toilets or water pipes. Even a small drip can add up to a lot of water over time

Use compact fluorescent light bulbs

Avoid using cars. Walk, cycle or use public transportation whenever possible

Avoid anything battery operated (or use rechargables or solar rechargables if batteries are unavoidable)

Furnish your home with furniture made out of natural fibres, wood, metal and glass

Avoid the use of polyvinyl chloride (also known as PVC or vinyl) in your home

Avoid the use of aerosols.

Use castor or mineral oils to lubricate switches and hinges instead of lubricants containing solvents.

Choose water based latex paints over solvent based paints when painting your home. Never use lead-based paints.

Ensure you have good ventilation and balanced humidity in your home

Do not throw out your toxic household wastes, such as paint, paint thinner and car fluids, in the garbage or down the drain

Compost your food waste and use as nutrient rich soil for your lawn

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