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Figures speak louder than words.

Yes indeed, when looking at financial performance it is the numbers that count.

Numbers that show TURNOVER, numbers that indicate PROFITABILITY, numbers that translate into DIVIDEND or numbers that make the MARKET CAP. In the final analysis it is these numbers that show if the business enterprise is profitable or not and Vijay Shanthi Builders have always excelled in numbers that foretell the likely future of the company. Vijay Shanthi Builders has become a brand, from a medium sized construction firm to one of the fastest growing property development Company in Southern India and in a decade span between 2000 and 2010 the sales of the Company increased from Rs. 434.85 Lakhs to 13571.8 Lakhs a whopping increase of 3000%. In terms of constructed area the growth has been from 12.30 Lakhs Sq. feet to 30 Lakhs Sq. feet. Vijay Shanthi Builders Limited has construction projects of five million sq. ft (approx.)


FINANCIAL RESULTS Year ended 31.03.2011(Rs. In Millions)
Income from sales /other operation Sales 1357.18
Other Income 6.85
Total Expenditure 1230.42
Gross Profit (Before Int. Depn. & Tax) 133.60
Profit Before Tax 120.86
Net Profit 95.01
Proposed Dividend 209.51
Earnings Per Share Basic (Rs.) 3.63


Vijay Shanthi currently has several projects under implementation and continues to explore newer opportunities. In order to fund these projects of development, expansion and implementation stages, conservation of funds is of vital importance. Vijay Shanthi always maintains a balance between enhancing long term shareholders value and criteria of growth considering the future financial needs of the company and thus it has been paying dividend constantly to all his shareholders over the years.



The distribution of shareholding as on 31st March 2012 is as follows.

Share Holding Pattern