Vijay Shanthi – Summer Cool Tips

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With the best properties in Chennai and awesomely aordable ats for sale in Chennai, the city is no wonder a hot spot for investments. Hot and Chennai often go hand in hand as the heat in Chennai is a lot especially during the summer.

Here are a few tips to keep you cool in Chennai this summer!

  • First thing to be done is to have a good relaxing palate during summer. Eat mild foods and food which are not very salty or spicy.
  • Have cooling food items which will keep your body cool and relaxed during the hot Chennai summer. Watermelon, butter milk and other home-made food will keep you &t during summer.
  • Drinking cold water is not a solution during summer. It will be assimilated into your body much faster and you will feel dehydrated more quickly. Have water at room temperature.
  • Eating at proper time and interval is highly recommended during summer.
  • Do not stop working out during summer. Do it at the time of the day when nature is most cool. Early morning is best.
  • Finally have a relaxed mind. Try cooling o while at home. Avoid stress during summer.
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