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Houses are cropping up in every corner of the city starting from new apartments in Nungambakkam to many affordable apartments for sale in OMR. The premium builders in Chennai do their best to make their homes have the best of natural ventilation. Take a look a few things which are natural coolants for the hot Chennai weather.


Reflective window coatings are one way of keeping off the heat. Besides cutting off the glare from sun; this kind of sun control protects the upholstery, drapes and carpets from fading. However, tinted sun control film can also darken the room.

Khus Mats

Ethnic mats woven from Khus roots are a natural way of keeping the home cool throughout the summer. However, the mats have to be kept constantly wet for a greater cooling effect.


Although the colour of walls is not as significant as that of the roof, it affects the degree of heat coming in. Walls painted in light shades are more suited for seasons that receive maximum sunlight.


A natural way to keep your home and surroundings cool and oxygen-rich is with plants. Potted plants located strategically inside the house and kept constantly wet and watered can considerably reduce heat indoors.

Wet clothesline

Hang a clothesline close to the house so that the breeze blowing in through the wet clothes cools the air around. Hanging wet clothes inside the room on metal clothes stand can keep theindoors cooler too.

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