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Keywords – premium builders in Chennai, condominium for sale in Chennai Many premium builders in Chennai have taken it upon themselves to give their buyers the best. Here are few lighting options for the luxury condominium for sale in Chennai.

Thematic fit

Most people are uncertain about the types of floor or table lamps that they should opt for. Like with any other purchase, a table or a floor lamp should suit the theme, so that it can fit in with the rest of your decor.


Think about how and where you are going to use the lamp. It could even be for a purely decorative purpose. Answering these questions helps you narrow down your choice and ensures that you pick the right lamp for the specific function you have in mind.


Where you place your lamp is important too. Lamps with wide, overhanging shades should be kept away from high-traffic areas, as even a small nudge can cause it to fall and break. With floor lamps in high-traffic areas, make sure that the base it stands on is heavy, especially in a home with children or pets. A heavy base means there is lesser chance of it being knocked over.

Height of lamp

Determining the right height of your table or floor lamp is another thing that needs some thought. As a rule of thumb, the lower edge of the lamps should be below the eye level of someone seated in the vicinity.

Type of shade and bulb

You can decide on the type of shade you want, depending on the quality of light you want it to emanate. While choosing bulbs for your lamps, remember that fluorescent bulbs are environmentally-friendly, while halogen bulbs generate a lot of heat.

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