Vijay Shanthi – Legalities pave way for better neighbourhood

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Nowadays there are many premium builders in Chennai promoting classy condominiums for sale in Chennai; still there is a part of society where people tend to close their circle and have clauses based on religion, faith and gender.

Renting a house or even buying one can be bit difficult for many people because of many clauses specified by the buyers.

The Real Estate Bill is likely to see an important inclusion – a clause barring discrimination against buyers of different faiths, sects, castes, genders, and diet preferences. The punishmentfor violation can be up to three years in jail and/or a fine. What this is bound to do, if implemented and executed well on the ground, is to increase the diversity in neighbourhoods of people with similar economic means.

There are builders who have a certain proclivity towards building houses for vegetarians —— where sale and renting of homes to people who don’t have the same preferences is usually frowned upon. And those who are grudgingly admitted to the club are made to promise adherence to a strict vegetarian existence.

If the new proposed clause makes it to the Bill, the mix of home owners in new developmentscould well change to a more diverse and rich mix. This could truly bridge the divide between people of different faiths and cultures.

And over time, it may lead to a diminishing of premium paid by home buyers to live closer topeople from their own community.

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