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Having organic food and using environmentally friendly things have become the trend of today and the top builders in Chennai are also catching up to it. Many houses have environmentally friendly designs in Chennai.

Usage of organic materials in furniture and fitting are also increasingly becoming famous.

Organic materials such as bamboo, wood, grass, pebbles, palm leaves, jute and organic paintsare extensively used for an eco-friendly decor theme. Fabrics such as linens, leather, wool, and silk are organic textures that perk up interiors.They are not just eco-friendly but also cost effective.

  • For furniture, buy those made from sustainable materials like bamboo or cane. Naturalbamboo furniture is ecologically sustainable material and comes in various styles that are very trendy and have a contemporary look.Opt for natural rugs and carpets made from items such as jute, organic cotton, and carpet tiles with recycled content.
  • As for the flooring, it can be done in wood parquet made from plantation wood, reclaimed wood, bamboo, even palm and rubber wood.
  • Choose organic cotton fabrics or even jute for your furnishings. For soft and comfortable bedding, cushions and pillows use feather, wool, or cotton fills.
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